The Glasgow Community Fund has failed Glaswegians

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Despite the Glasgow Communities Fund being established with great aspirations, ultimately - due to a lack of communication and changes to the process happening out-with the input of opposition councillors – the awards process was significantly delayed and many worthy organisations missed out on lifeline funding. As we’ve come to expect from Glasgow’s minority SNP Administration, many of these changes were briefed to the media with absolutely no consultation with the third sector or those affected.

Only 75 out of the 209 projects that applied to the Citywide Funding Pot received at least a partial award. Included in those who lost out on funding were Citizens Advice Bureaux across the city, including Bridgeton in my own ward. I was extremely disappointed to see the projects that did not get funded in Calton and across the city.

Therefore, at the last Wellbeing, Empowerment, Communities and Citizen Engagement (WECCE) Committee I asked council officials for an update into the council’s review of this Fund. In particular, I know that affected organisations are interested in the work being undertaken regarding how applications are processed and scored. It is my belief that in order to avoid the politicisation of the process that Glasgow City Council must involve those with experience and expertise in the sector to help administer the Fund.

Third sector organisations are crucial partners for the Council in undertaking a wide range of work across the city for the public good. Many have felt neglected and shut out since the SNP came to power in Glasgow. That must change. It is essential that they have a greater input into the decisions that affect both their operations and the work they conduct for the benefit of the people of Glasgow.

Written by Cllr Robert Connelly

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