Susan Aitken has failed the people of Glasgow

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Glasgow's Conservative Council Group have launched a fresh attack on SNP Council Leader Susan Aitken for failing to stand up for the city.

In a social media post, the Glasgow Conservatives have slammed the leader of the administration for creating a cleansing crisis in Glasgow, while simultaneously overseeing a culture of secrecy and scandal within the city chambers.

The video montage from the party shows Susan Aitken introducing Nicola Sturgeon as ‘The Boss’ before going on to detail a series of SNP calamities.

They include rampant fly-tipping, allegations of bullying and harassment as well as multiple expenses rows.

Glasgow Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Thomas Kerr, said:

“Susan Aitken might brazenly admit Nicola Sturgeon is her boss, but as the leader of Glasgow City Council, her true allegiances should lie with the people of this city.

"The result of her misplaced loyalties is that she has completely taken her eye off the ball when it comes to the day job that Glaswegians expect their council leader to be focused on.

She has presided over an unprecedented series of scandals that have brought shame to the office she holds. Even worse, she is still failing to recognise the impact her disastrous cleansing policies are having on the streets of Glasgow.

The city needs and deserves an administration that stands up for Glasgow’s interests, not merely for the interests of the SNP.

The truth is that the only way to free Glasgow from the nightmare of Susan Aitken and the SNP’s rule is to vote her out at next year’s council elections.”

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3/11/2022 8:28 AM
Bulk uplift

I'm very upset that bulk uplift now costs money in glasgow. What are we paying council tax for then?

People aren't willing to pay, and large objects are pilng up in front gardens