Conservative Councillor Robert Connelly calls for a rethink after news that the park's annual bonfire night has been cancelled for a second consecutive year.
Susan Aitken has failed the people of Glasgow -Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Glasgow's Conservative Council Group have launched a fresh attack on SNP Council Leader Susan Aitken for creating a cleansing crisis in Glasgow
Organisations missed out on lifeline funding with only 75 out of the 209 projects that applied to the Citywide Funding Pot receiving at least a partial award
Our Open Letter to Susan Aitken -Tuesday, August 10, 2021
A letter from Thomas Kerr to Susan Aitken concerning a recent interview she gave to The Herald newspaper.
SNP and Green hit early years to your golden years by removed Glasgow’s Affordable Warmth Dividend and hiking up nursery fees for hard working parents across the city.
Glasgow city's residents are continuing to deliver a "damning verdict" on the SNP's bulk uplift charge which was introduced earlier this month
Almost 350 people signed the 'drop the £35 charge' petition in the first few days
Glasgow Conservative Councillors have launched a fresh bid to reverse the SNP administration’s fee for bulk uplift charge that has resulted in an increase in fly tipping across the city.
Thomas Kerr Glasgow Conservative Group Leader & Councillor for Shettleston Ward pleads to save 500 jobs being cut from Glasgow Life – the body that runs our city’s museums, leisure facilities, community centres and libraries.
Euan Blockley Glasgow Conservative Group Depute Leader & Councillor for Linn Ward ask despite huge sacrifices to keep the pandemic under control and the promise that life would return to normal, why are community venues being closed?